Stationary Asphalt mixing plant is mainly composed of control system, mixing plant, dust catcher, powder supply system, asphalt supply system, pneumatic system, cold aggregate feeding, etc.


1. Modular structure design easy to move and install.

2. Reliable working environment-friendly compact structure and nice appearance.

3. Strict temperature control accuracy.

4. Large capacity silos are adopted for powder storage.

5. Gravity and pulse bags dust catcher can strictly ensure environmental requirement.

6. High degree of automatic control simple operation safety and easy maintenance.




Model SAP1000 SAP1500 SAP2000 SAP3000 SAP4000 SAP5000
Productivity 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Total power (Oil) 280kw 339kw 465kw 570kw 710kw 790kw
Total power (Coal) 315kw 365kw 525kw 650kw 796kw 870kw
Space needed (LXW) 30m x 40m 30m x 43m 35m x 55m 35m x 55m 38m x 56m 38m x 56m
Total height 21m 23m 25m 27m 31m 31m
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Current: How To Repair Fiber Cement Siding The Complete Guide Share: The advantages of using fiber cement siding in a home remodeling project are un-debateable. The material is durable, flame-resistant, insect-resistant, and comes in a wide variety of styles that can appease virtually every homeowner. ...


Polyester Fibre Reinforced mortar hava been evaluated for use as a cement concrete pavement material. The study focused on laboratory evaluation of various mechanical properties of cement mortar, with and without Polyester Fibre. Split Tensile test was done on specimens as concrete and mortar are weak in tension so tensile

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9/1/2018 · Mixing your own concrete or mortar with separate bags of cement and aggregates is often the cheaper option, but if you only have a small job to do, you can buy bags of ready-mix or Pre-Mixed Concrete and mortar. Pre-mixed cement and mortar simply needs water added to it …

What is PVA fibre, and why is it used in conventional concrete?

Dec 27, 2017 · PVA Fiber PVA Fibers (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement fibers for concrete and mortar. PVA fibers are well-suited for a wide variety of applications because of their superior crack-fighting properties, high modulus of elastici...

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The cement basis of the product dictates the use of thin-set mortar to properly repair cracks or holes. ... Fix-It Chick: Patch a cement board ... Use thin-set mortar to repair cracks or holes in ...

Fiber-reinforced concrete

Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. Fibers include steel fibers, glass fibers, synthetic fibers and natural fibers – each of which lend varying properties to the concrete. In addition, the character of fiber-reinforced concrete ...

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Effects of Oil Palm Fibre on the Compressive Strength of

Compressive strength development of mortar cube reinforced with Oil Palm Fibre (OPF) cured in water was investigated at different ages, using water /cement ratio of 0.5 and mix ratio of 1:6. OPF was introduced into the mortar at 0.2 %, 0.4 %, 0.6 %, 0.8 % and 1% by weight of cement. The result of the tests conducted showed that

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Fibre Reinforced Cement Composites

Progression in cement-based technology has driven the development of fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) materials; such as concrete technology. Steel fibre and synthetic fibre are fundamental fibre types, which include glass, carbon, polyvinyl, polyolefin, waste fibre materials and polypropylene. The mechanical properties of FRC members are affected from these fibres individually and in hybrid ...

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Our refractory insulating cement is used as a insulating render for pizza oven dome, it is low density and low thermal conductivity which help in conserving heat energy and reduce fuel consumption. Refractory Mortar. Refractory mortar Our refractory mortar is specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures of the oven and the heat ...

Anti-Cracks Test for Different Anti-Crack Materials

Anti-Crack Test Results for Welded Wire Mesh & Fiberglass Mesh. Nowadays, the exterior and interior wall usually are made of the plaster mortar. The plaster mortar is of high brittleness and of low tensile strength so there are cracks on plastering. The plaster mortar would lose water and shrink when the plaster mortar is plastered on the wall.

Cement Additives and Repair available from Bunnings

Check out our range of Cement Additives and Repair products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Visit us today for the widest range of Cement products. We're operating under level 4 trading restrictions.

5 Reasons Why You Should Put Fiber in Your Concrete

Apr 18, 2019 · Before you place your next concrete order, consider the following five reasons you should put fiber in your concrete. 1. Increase Toughness and Durability. If you want to increase toughness and durability of residential concrete, such as patios, polypropylene fiber can help.

Renovation and Repair of Concrete Structures Based on Dry

Renovation and Repair Renovation and Repair of Concrete Structures of Concrete Structures Based on Dry Mortar Technology Based on Dry Mortar Technology Ir Raymond Wan Ir Raymond Wan MEng, , CEng, MIM, MICE, MICT, MHKIE, RP, MHKIE, RPEE Optimix (Hong Kong) Limited . …


Although ASTM C440-74a describes the use of asbestos-cement and related products, there are, at this time, no general ASTM standards for fibre-reinforced cement, mortar and concrete. Until these standards become available, it will be necessary to rely on the experience and judgment of both the designer and the fibre manufacturer.

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Micro Fiber Reinforced Cement Paste and Mortar Overlays A

Micro Fiber Reinforced Cement Paste and Mortar Overlays ... same reasons are responsible for cracks in an otherwise, a simple concrete pavement topping. Given these reasons for spalling and ... micro-fibers in cement mortar beneficial. fiber Application in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

What is fibre reinforced concrete?

Fibre-reinforced Concrete explained. Pros&Cons SFRC Overview Fibre-reinforced concrete is a composite material comprised of traditional concrete and steel fibres (look picture below). Normal unreinforced concrete is brittle with a low to not exist...

Studies On Harden Properties Of Mortar Using Steel Fibre

The control cement mortar cubes were tested and the strength – fibre content curves are illustrated in Fig. 3-7. It is clear that the cement mortar exhibited its pure brittle nature without showing any softening or ductility. The following critical remarks are drawn: a) In steel fibre mortar, the maximum

Can I use cement alone to patch cracked concrete?

2/16/2018 · As someone who has specified and supervised repair work for decades, I have one thing to add to our friends below (above?). Don’t start thinking that any such “patch” will ever be as good as if the concrete had not cracked in the first place. if t...

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What causes vertical cracks in fiber cement siding planks?

6/13/2018 · • Settlement of the structure - Movement of the foundation would cause cracks in the siding, but it would not be a likely cause unless there was also corresponding cracks on the interior wall surface in the same area. • Improper handling - The boards—especially long ones—should be supported at both ends when moved. Fiber cement planks ...

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Structural adhesive and mortar for concrete elements. Structural adhesive and mortar for hard natural stone. Structural adhesive and mortar for Ceramic fibre cement. Structural adhesive and mortar for mortar, bricks, masonry. Structural adhesive and mortar for steel, iron, aluminium. Structural adhesive and mortar for wood.

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Compressive stress-strain behaviour of cement mortar

Compressive stress-strain behaviour of cement mortar-composites reinforced with short sisal fibre . ... fibre length (25 mm and 50 mm) and cement matrix workability on the compressive stress-strain behaviour of cement mortar composites is evaluated experimentally. ... unbounded fibres and cracks or poor fibre/matrix bonding 30. The compression ...

What to Do When the Cement Lining in Ductile Iron Pipe is

Cement-mortar lining for iron pipe has been used for nearly 100 years. The first installation of gray iron pipe with a cement lining was recorded in Savannah, GA in 1922. Todays modern Ductile iron pipe still utilizes cement lining for a safe and reliable means of providing clean drinking water to …

Natural fibre cement composites

8.4. Application of natural fibre cement composites in construction. Fibre reinforced cements and concretes are today established as construction materials. Since the early 1960s, extensive research and development have been carried out with fibre reinforced composite materials, leading to a wide range of practical applications.

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