Stationary Asphalt mixing plant is mainly composed of control system, mixing plant, dust catcher, powder supply system, asphalt supply system, pneumatic system, cold aggregate feeding, etc.


1. Modular structure design easy to move and install.

2. Reliable working environment-friendly compact structure and nice appearance.

3. Strict temperature control accuracy.

4. Large capacity silos are adopted for powder storage.

5. Gravity and pulse bags dust catcher can strictly ensure environmental requirement.

6. High degree of automatic control simple operation safety and easy maintenance.




Model SAP1000 SAP1500 SAP2000 SAP3000 SAP4000 SAP5000
Productivity 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Total power (Oil) 280kw 339kw 465kw 570kw 710kw 790kw
Total power (Coal) 315kw 365kw 525kw 650kw 796kw 870kw
Space needed (LXW) 30m x 40m 30m x 43m 35m x 55m 35m x 55m 38m x 56m 38m x 56m
Total height 21m 23m 25m 27m 31m 31m
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Admixtures for Cold Weather Concreting Allied Concrete

All Articles:Cold Weather Concrete:WSBPedia. 306R-88 Cold Weather Concreting - Sardinia Concretecold weather of sufficient strength and durability to satisfy intended service requirements. Concrete placed during cold weather will develop these qualities only if it is properly produced, placed, and protected.

ACI 306R-88(R2002) Standard PDF

Cold Weather Concreting standard by American Concrete Institute, 01/01/1988 General requirements for producing satisfactory concrete during cold weather, and methods for achieving these requirements. Also, material on the effect ...

The effects of urea on strength gaining of fresh concrete

Objective: The study focused on the application of urea to the cold weather concreting.One of the advantages of this method is to simplify curing after concrete placement at low temperatures; only an anti-evaporation sheet is necessary to keep fresh concrete wet until finishing of concrete curing.

The Euclid Chemical Company NS GROUT

• When necessary, follow the recommendations in ACI 305R “Guide to Hot Weather Concreting” or ACI 306R “Guide to Cold Weather Concreting”. • Store materials in a dry place. • For dry pack applications, mechanically mix NS GROUT at a minimum water content of 0.5 gal per 50 lb bag (1.9L/22.7 kg) or 0.55 gal per 55 lb bag (2.1 L/25 kg).

Concrete Products - Cold weather concreting essential

In ACI 306R-16 Guide to Cold Weather Concreting, the American Concrete Institute cites targets based on the air temperature. It recommends minimum temperatures during mixing and placement, plus maximum allowable gradual temperature drop within 24 hours after the end of slab or structure protection from the cold weather.


Jul 01, 2019 · R Guide to Cold Weather Concreting. Gradual cooling may be con- sures must be taken to prevent evaporation of moisture trolled by ac interrupting the current pass- from concrete. Enclosures made with flexible materials are less Expanded polystyrene extruded R – 12 expensive and easier to build and remove.

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ACI 306R-88(R2002)

ACI 306R-88(R2002) Cold Weather Concreting. ... General requirements for producing satisfactory concrete during cold weather, and methods for achieving these ...

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Hot and cold weather concreting

Hot and cold weather concreting. ... ACI 306R-16 Guide to cold weather concreting is recommended to achieve the objectives outlined: (a) To prevent damage to concrete due to early-age freezing ...

Concrete Insider: How Cold is Too Cold?

For cold weather applications of concrete, we would recommend that you refer to ACI 306R Guide to Cold Weather Concreting for the proper requirements. In some cases, the areas can be tented and heated to bring the substrate and conditions to an acceptable level for concreting.

306R 88 Cold Weather Concreting Sardinia Concrete

More 306R 88 Cold Weather Concreting Sardinia Concrete images

Influence of environmental temperatures on the concrete

The concrete thermal profiles obtained after the first 24 h for reference, hot and cold weather conditions are shown in Fig. 3 (a, b and c respectively). Since for every series, in hot and cold weather conditions, the thermal profiles were practically the same, only one representative profile is shown for each climate.


resulting in abnormal properties. Hot weather concreting shall be done in accordance with ACI - 305R. C. Cold Weather: Period when, for more than 2 successi ve days, mean daily temperature is below 40 degrees F. Cold weather concreting shall be done in accordance with ACI - 306R.

ACI 306.1-90(R2002) pdf download

ACI 305.1-06- Specification for Hot Weather ConcretingACI 305R-99- Hot Weather ConcretingACI 306R-88(R2002)- Cold Weather ConcretingAASHTO GSBTW-1-M- Guide Design Specifications for Bridge Temporary Works, 1st Edition, with 2008 Interim RevisionsAASHTO Green Book (GDHS-5)- AASHTO GREEN BOOK - A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets ...


STRUCTURE magazine | Cold and Hot Weather Concrete. Several factors affect this time period, including ambient temperature, aci 306r type of concrete, size of the pour and how soon the concrete will be exposed to load conditions. Special concrete mixes, as aci 306r, need to be submitted for approval at the beginning of a project.

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Cold-Weather Shotcreting

shotcrete process, is the same as the concrete covered in ACI 306R-10, “Guide to Cold Weather Concreting,” and ACI 306.1-90, “Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting.” ACI 306R-10 defines cold weather as: ture has

Best Cold-Weather Curing Methods

A:Cold Weather Concreting (ACI 306R-88) advises that concrete exposed to cold weather (temperatures below 50ºF) isn't likely to dry at an undesirable rate. However, since new concrete may be vulnerable to freezing when it's in a critically saturated condition, protection such as a heated enclosure may be needed.

Guide to Cold Weather Concreting

Guide to Cold Weather Concreting Reported by ACI Committee 306 ACI 306R-10 The objectives of cold weather concreting practices are to prevent damage to concrete due to freezing at early ages, ensure that the concrete

Too Cold for Concrete | Kryton International Inc

Dec 27, 2017 · In extreme cases, the concrete may not even set up if the water freezes too quickly for concrete strength development. When constructing in cold weather with concrete, the guidelines in the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 306R-16, Guide to Cold Weather Concreting, should be used to aid in the placement of durable concrete. ACI considers ...

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306R-88 Cold Weather Concreting

costs involved in cold weather concreting operations are a profitable investment or if it is more cost effective to wait for mild weather. Neglect of protection against early freezing can cause immediate destruction or per-manently weakened concrete. Therefore, if cold weather concreting is performed, adequate protection

Cold Weather Concreting | Modern Contractor Solutions

2019/12/12 · Therefore, regulating the temperature of concrete in cold weather is essential to its proper strength development. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) specifies in ACI 306R-16 Guide to Cold Weather Concreting

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Cold Weather Concreting ACI 306 | Effects and Precautions in

ACI 306 “Cold Weather Concreting” defines cold weather concreting as a period when for more than three (3) consecutive days, the following conditions exist: The average daily air temperature is less than 5 C (40 F) and, The air temperature is not greater than 10 C ...

Cold Weather Concreting — What, Why, & How? – Nevada Ready Mix

Cold Weather Concreting, ACI 306R, American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, MI. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, Portland Cement Association, Skokie, IL. ASTM C94 Standard Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete, ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA. ASTM C 31 Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field, ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA.

American Concrete Institute Guide to Cold Weather Concreting

Sep 19, 2016 · 306R-16: Guide to Cold Weather Concreting is one of many numerous, valuable resources on cold weather concrete practices by the American Concrete Institute (ACI, 306R-16 guides specifiers, contractors, and concrete producers through the selection processes that identify methods for cold weather concrete — concrete properties and the construction operations of mixing ...

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